Giving depth to a bidimensional shape (an SVG) and subtracting it from a flat surface

Hello, everyone!
I’m super new to three.js and before starting to learn it I want to understand if it is the right tool for what I want to do.
I am setting up a website for a 3D-printed product I produce. The product can be customized with a logo or anything small enough to fit the surface.
In the past, I’ve been doing this manually with modeling software as I had a small load of work. My workflow involved converting the file to SVG and then using the SVG just by adding depth to it. Then I subtracted this logo object from the flat surface of the object I sell.
Now I would like to automate the process with an embedded product configurator that I want to include in the website I am building.
What I should look for exactly?
Thanks a lot for your help!

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Just in case, have a look at this plugin: Manthrax CSG library update: now 20% faster, and using BufferGeometry internally

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Thanks a lot, great resources!