`getOrCreateObject3D` has been deprecated. Use `setObject3D()` and `object3dset` event instead

I keep getting this warning:

`getOrCreateObject3D` has been deprecated. Use `setObject3D()` and `object3dset` event instead. 

The code is:

const mesh = el.getOrCreateObject3D('mesh', THREE.Mesh)

What should I replace this with? Neither setObject3D() nor object3dset works.

I’ve never heard of a getOrCreateObject3D() method. What framework/library are you using next to three.js? Besides, please share the version of your three.js copy.

I’m working on a project on 8th Wall using A-Frame and Three.js. And I’m using a component called “text-geometry” which generates extruded text, which is where that line is coming from.

These are A-Frame methods, not provided by three.js. I’m not sure how many people on this forum can help with that, you’ll probably have to try these options: Community – A-Frame

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