Get Object name on Click

Hello people,

How i can get different ‘name’ of object with onClick event for different type of object in my scene ?
I found a old post → where EventControl (r18),
can be use for my purpose but in actual version(r115, r116) doen’t exist.

My question is… Currently with the current version it possible to create something like the EventControl of the old r18 version… I try to use scene.getObjectByName but with no success for multiple object.

Anyone can help me ?

Thanks :slight_smile: .

As shown by the following unmerged PR, EventsControls was never part of the official repository.

I’m not sure I fully understand your issue but Object3D.getObject*() methods always return just a single object. However, you can store custom tag data in Object3D.userData and then use it when searching for objects. More information right here:

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Thanks ! it was just what I was looking for!

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