General rotation loop question - using rotation.x vs rotatex

simple rotation comparison:

In the above cube rotations - #2 rotation.x , rotation.y values keep increasing
I’ve created animated rotating object examples in the past and always questioedn the process loop
(animation) where an object rotates .

For example: using cube.rotaion.x (or y or z)
where you have (either x,y,z)
ex) cube.rotation.x += change_of_radian * time;
the cube.rotation.x value would start adding up over time, right…? 1,2,3…793548328091516928 (long int)
and that’s just one object - what about when the screen is teaming with other rotating objects?

This process is like turning on all faucets at home then leaving - ugh
isn’t there a more efficient process - for instance- using .rotateX ?
or some other process where there’s a limited set of radians ?