GCode loader with different material


Could anyone help me with amending the GCodeLoader please? The problem is that I want to hide the travel lines (the red lines in benchy.gcode example). I managed to do this in the gcodeloader.js, but the remaining green lines make it overall a very hard to see the object. It is hard to see any depth or shadows because the LineBasicMaterial does not support this (or does it?)

I think it could be a solution to change the LineBasicMaterial to some sort of MeshBasicMaterial, but I can’t figure out how…


You can’t render line primitives with mesh or point cloud materials. However, you can try to use the wide line implementation of three.js.

In this way, the geometry data are rendered as mesh lines (sometimes called ribbons) which it possible to configure a line width > 1. This makes it possible to easier see lines.

Thank you, I’ll give this a try!