Freelance Website Project (WebFlow preferred)


I am working on a personal website project and I was hoping to get a hero section designed using three.js/webGL.

What I want is almost identical to what is designed on

I wanted to make a 3D model of a specific American football player. Instead of being on stairs, I wanted him standing at the end of a stadium tunnel, with scrolling triggering a zoom in on the model’s head and triggering an animation where the model turns around to face the camera/screen.

I have a .obj file of the character’s head, but it is not textured. I also have a textured 3D model of a fictional football player, but the face, hair, jersey, and arm size would need to be changed. I can provide both of those models if they would make it easier to create the 3D model.

I just need this hero section made instead of an entire website or page. I’d also appreciate it if it could be implemented on a WebFlow project.

If possible, please provide me with a rough estimate of how much a project like this would cost.

Thank you!

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