FOR HIRING — Web full-stack developer (WebGL, Web3, React.js, Next.js)

Hi everyone :wave:,

As a web full-stack developer, I’m currently researching a new mission as a freelancer.
My portfolio:
My last website:
My GitHub: stratus-dev-fr (Stratus ☁️) · GitHub

What I’m using:
:point_right: Three.js
:point_right: GLSL (shaders)
:point_right: Blender
:point_right: React.js
:point_right: HTML/CSS/JS
:point_right: GSAP
:point_right: Framer
:point_right: Next.js
:point_right: Firebase
:point_right: Node.js
:point_right: Express
:point_right: Ubuntu

  • Ethers.js
  • Moralis
  • Starton
  • Solidity

Let’s talk in dm about your project!

Have a good day,

Hi Corentin! Seems like I can’t dm you. If you could send a dm my way, or shoot an email to that would be incredible.

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