Fonts in Three not working in

Does anyone know why my three.js fonts aren’t working?

const loaderF = new THREE.FontLoader();
let regFont;
loaderF.load( 'helvetiker_regular.typeface.json', function ( font) {var mat = {color: 0x787878, metalness: 0.0};
    var regFont = font;
    var geometry = new THREE.TextGeometry('Hello three.js!', font);
    var txt = new THREE.Mesh(geometry, new THREE.MeshStandardMaterial(mat));
} );

I have used Google and the docs but nothing has worked (I’m using replit).

@boktaryan please keep your responses on topic and respectful.

@BlockLayer2000 From your question it is hard to guess, we can’t see any errors you might have in the JavaScript console for example, and “aren’t working” could mean a lot of things. I would recommend trying to share the complete code and ideally a live demo somewhere.