Floating Clothes

Dear Community,

In the past there was a example on the three.js repository where there was floating clothes on the space where if user hoovers over the specific garment then the garment was zoomed in. does any body can point out where is that example in the new repository.


The following two current examples are related to clothes:


I guess your mentioned examples is not one of these two?

You can checkout older releases of three.js via git. Maybe you can find the demo in this way.

No they are not the examples that I’m looking for, it wasn’t the cloth physics it was more like a jean dummy with jean on intended for the shopping advertisement but I can not remember whether that was in examples in the oldest version(I already checked mrdoob-three.js-1769fbf version but it doesn’t seems to be there) or in the main page of three.js web site which is now removed if I remember it correctly.

It was concurrently published at the main page with Sandra Bullock movie three.js demo Gravity but now they are all gone :slight_smile:


If I got you correctly, it was on the main page, kind of a web site of a clothes shop, where the stuff was flying and you can point on, for example, a jacket and it will come closer so you could see its details. Yeah, now it’s gone :slight_smile:
I was impressed with another advertisement. It was something about tea and there was an amazing underwater world. It was about 4 years ago )) Unfortunately, it’s not on the main page now and it seems that that web page even doesn’t exists at all.

yes that was exactly that thing, I recalled that flying tea pot or something as well when you mentioned it. Sad that it was gone can we ask for modertator to bring it back if possible.

Looks like the g-star page linked here

Seems like the site is gone now though

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Yeah, I was talking about “O Green” :slight_smile:
I statred to work with Three.js because of it :blush: Very impressive thing. Was :frowning:

This one? http://archive.cartelle.nl/denimcloud/


Yeah, this one :slight_smile:

Yes that’s it, thank you all