Firefox - THREE.WebGLProgram: shader error


my script parses a json object into multiple loading sequences.

Each sequence is defined by a relative path to the model and position axis (x,y,z).

The scene loads only once.

Firefox Developer Browser 88.0b5 (64-Bit) gives the following error after I reload the scene :

THREE.WebGLProgram: shader error: 1286 35715 false gl.getProgramInfoLog Must have a compiled vertex shader attached.
THREE.WebGLShader: gl.getShaderInfoLog() vertex
1: precision highp float;
2: precision highp int;
4: #define SHADER_NAME LineBasicMaterial

This appears for every model.

I tested my script on Chrome Version 89.0.4389.114 (64-Bit) and everything works fine.

I thought setting Firefox webgl.force-enabled = true would help, but I got the feeling that this is not the issue here.

Any help ?


Sorry for the duplicate. AND that I could not give more information about the gltf file, texture files or the source code. Nevertheless I pined it down to my shadow.mapSize.width and height, the canvas width and height and the gltf model textures.

Everything above shadow mapSize 1024*3 and a canvas dimension of at least 500 x 600 gives a shader error. Only on Firefox.

Next post will be with more details!
Kind regards.