FireFox 63: GLB model doesn't show, no console error

Hello everybody,

How do you debug when no error is displayed and your model doesn’t show?

I have tested my work on FireFox 60 ESR, Chrome 70, Edge 42 and it works. Then I try it on FF63 and I get model and no error. What can I do?

Thank you of any help!


Can you please share the model in this topic?

See private message, please.

I was able to load your model with FF63 and the following glTFViewer which internally used three.js. Have you tried to to load the model on a different computer with FF63?


Just on a Android with FF63: failed. At work, I can’t install anything and FF60ESR works and at home, I just have 1 PC (FF63: failed). How does it do on your FF63?

Just tested it with glTFViewer you gave me: on FF63, it fails to open. On Chrome 70, success. Edge: success.

If you don’t have any experience like this, I think it may be an Firefox 63 specific bug.

It works fine on my iMac. Do you have similar problem with FF63 and the official three.js examples?

If your reported display problem is actually a browser bug, it’s necessary to isolate the issue as far as possible. A small example is helpful in this context.

Well, on my FF63 (Win10), no example work. I’m going to clean install FF63 (it updated automatically).

Now, everything works! (relief…)

There was probably something wrong with FF63 auto-update… or else I can’t explain why.