Fill space between cubic bezier curves and straight lines

hi guys, i am rendering shape what consists with cubic bezier curves and straight lines and with lines i can build(new THREE.CubicBezierCurve3, new THREE.Line) it but i can’t fill space between lines. 2 screen what i have, 1 what i need

Maybe you can achieve the form with a solution from the collection ?

2022-02-07 21.25.56

Any chance to provide an editable live code example of how you build those contours? (jsfiddle, codepen, codesandbox etc.)

Also, have a look at this forum post: Ringsegment function leads to strange behaviour - #8 by prisoner849


Ah, thanks for sharing :slight_smile: Will have a look at it later.

I tried another way with Shape and ShapeGeometry (and simple trigonometry):


This is the best I could think of, having the data structure provided:
Pretty much based on your code.


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