FEVER: Abstract visualisations of the goals scored in the 2022 World Cup

All of the 198 goals scored during the 2022 World Cup visualised as minimal geometric animations:

The visualiser also has an edit mode where we can create splines (Curve) by clicking around and adding anchors (TransformControls). The UI was created with an extended version of Tweakpane.

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From my username and avatar, you can guess I’m an Algerian football fan :stuck_out_tongue:, unfortunately I can’t see my country’s flag, we’ve been disqualified literally the last minutes :sleepy:, nonetheless I love the concept and the particle system, one question though, do we have access to the editor?

@Fennec The editor wasn’t really meant to be user facing, so you might have to click around to figure how it works, but sure, feel free to play with it: Fever : Editor 1.0.6

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