FBXLoader: no picture as parse method

Hello everyone, have you ever encountered this problem? When the FBXLoader is parsed, the image is parsed after it has not been loaded, because image is undefind, and the code behind me is bug. How should this problem be solved? Wait for this image to load?

Can you share the fbx file and any images here?

贴图.fbx (45.4 KB)
You can debug it on line 174 and see the image in texture

This seems to be working OK to me.

Can you share your code?

I didn’t change the code. This is three.js Editor’s Loader.js Line174。 You can debug it on line 174, console.log (object) take a look at the map of this model. Because textureloader is an image created asynchronously, it will not get the image for a while
In addition, thank you for answering my question. Thank you