FBXLoader Import Failed

Hello guys any idea on how to import the FBXLoader? It says this when I try to import using the path down below. I’ve heard that I have to use some path from the github repo? Help Pls.

The model works I’ve tried it on the three js editor

According to the error message you are creating the loader instance like so:

const loader = new THREE.FBXLoader();

That is not correct if you import the loader via ES6 import statement. It has to be:

const loader = new FBXLoader();

BTW: Please do never share pictures from code or error messages. It’s best to share a live example that demonstrates the issue OR you copy/past the code into the topic and properly format it with the preformatted text tool.

Omg newbie error , thank you! I’m so used to the new THREE. That I ddn’t even bother checking for that.

Well thank you for the advice I will take that into consideration next time before posting

Have a nice day!