Extract geometry from clipping plane?

Is there a way to extract the intersected lines/regions from a clipping plane?
What I need to do is generate a 2D plan from a section plane.
I’m considering these approaches:

  1. use a normal plane and project all vertices in a particular region of the mesh where that plane would pass - but sounds expensive. (update: javascript - Three JS - Find all points where a mesh intersects a plane - Stack Overflow from 2017 seems to be a possible solution - any better approaches?)
  2. use clipping planes - which seems fast, but is there a way to extract the caps data from the intersection? I saw this Clipping with caps using shaders, so the shaders seem to ‘see’ the caps.
    Is there a way to export these caps as a vector file or even as an image?
  3. use an ortho camera with very thin frustum and export what it ‘sees’ as an image

Any other ideas?

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