Export texture svg from Sketch or Illustrator has different behaviour

I’ve noticed that when I export an SVG texture and add it to my model, I get different results based on whether I export it from Sketch or Illustrator.

Both textures are optimized through SVGOMG - SVGO's Missing GUI.

When I use the Sketch SVG, it looks like this:

But when I use the Illustrator texture, it appears blurry:

Any advice would be appreciated!
Thanks and kind regards,

Simply use use what’s best for you, the combination Illustrator/SVGOMG is clearly the less ideal. You can also increase SVGOMG’s Number Precision param and find a good compromise between file size and Texture resolution.

Even without SVGOMG it return the same result.
It seems the illustrator texture loss quality but it’s an svg.

Illustrator it’s easy to use for the designer so I must gto find a solution or explain the reason why .

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I’m not familiar with Illustrator but as a wild guess, I’d say it’s a resolution settings problem, reducing/optimizing the SVG file size will impact the resolution. You can also give Inkscape a try, you’ll have better controls over the final SVG especially when dealing with web graphics.