Export GLTF material with alpha

Hi there, I have a question about 3dmax GLTF Material with Alpha and Export.

To achieve transparency I put textures in basecolor and a b/w texture in alpha/blend modus.
The result is fine!

However during export 3dmax exporter makes one png file to store the alpha which is then in the GLTF Folder.

What I need are still two files in the output folder, to be able to change textures in the GLTF.

Does anybody knows how can I achieve that?

Thank you very much.

GLTF spec does not allow an independent alpha channel Map and requires it to be in the alpha channel of the base color texture as you’ll find in the GLTF Material Channels Specification, Max will be automatically merging the alpha map into the alpha channel of the base color map… One option would be to store the alpha texture in another unused channel (metalness, roughness, emissive occlusion or normal) and reassign it as the materials alphaMap at runtime, ensuring to set the respectively used channel map to null afterwards…

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Thank you very much for the option you mentioned. :slightly_smiling_face:Will try that.