"Experiencing issues with AWS, render.com, and Hostinger when deploying three.js projects, including difficulty with file paths, MIME types, and image loading."

What platforms are you guys using to put your three.js projects in production….? I am on three different platforms at this time. AWS is saying I don’t have a dist file in which I do I ran npm run build and it’s in my project directory the dist file. Resolved that by placing my dist file outside of my src file but when it compiles to production my 3D portals don’t trigger and display my modal windows. And render.com is saying The error message i am encountering, “TypeError: ‘text/css’ is not a valid JavaScript MIME type,” seems to be related to the script tag in my HTML file. The type=“module” attribute indicates that the script is a JavaScript module. When the browser encounters this script tag, it expects the linked resource (in this case, index.js) to be a JavaScript module file. I tried changing the type to =“text/ javascript”. To no avail. And hoststinger is not loading my pictures in my portals saying it’s having trouble locating the files but it doesn’t seem to have a problem locating them locally. Been troubleshooting for a week now truly can not rest without resolving this. Here is my github repo.