Error with vmd Animations on MMDLoader >> `Error: THREE.MMDPhysics: Import ammo.js`

I am encountering an error while using vmd animations with MMDLoader. When I set the physics parameter to false , the animations work fine. However, when I set it to true , I receive the following error:

Error: THREE.MMDPhysics: Import ammo.js
    at new MMDPhysics

In an attempt to resolve the issue, I tried installing ammo.js, assuming it might be an uninstalled peer dependency. Unfortunately, this did not resolve the problem. After searching the web, I was unable to find any relevant information. Hence, I decided to seek assistance here. I am unsure whether this is a bug or if I am missing something, which is why I haven’t opened an issue on GitHub yet.

Currently, my code is written as follows:

      (mmd) => {
        mmdAnimHelper.add(mmd.mesh, {
          animation: mmd.animation,
          physics: false, // true gives me the error
        mmdAnimHelper.enabled.ik = false;

      (xhr) => {
        if ((xhr.loaded / * 100 === 100)
      (error) => {

I am using next.js@13.4.x in my project, in case that information is relevant.

Any assistance or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.