Error when enabling clippingPlane on renderer

Hello, I’m having a problem trying to get a clipping plane working. I’m getting this message:
“Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘normal’ of undefined”
I’m very new to three.js, I apologize if this is a simple one to solve but I can’t find a solution online.
I set this up in an apache server, I include the files.
Any help is very appreciated, thnx!

index.html (3.1 KB) mynewmesh.json (2.2 MB)

As mentioned in the documentation, Material.clippingPlanes is an array. You directly assign instance of THREE.Plane to it which is not valid. Like demonstrated in the example, you have to wrap your clipping plane into an array.

Doing so will resolve the runtime error.


Oooops!!.., missed that…
Thank you so much for your help!