Error loading .fbx model

I want to load an .fbx model on my site via github pages. (GitHub - Malmaars/threejs-doneright)(the problem is on /dist/js/Boat.js)
I used [this tutorial](How to deploy a Three.js project on GitHub? (Not using Webpack) - YouTube to get the basics.
Now I can load .obj files without problems, but I want to use .fbx files to be able to use animations as well. When I try to do so I get this:
This is the fbx code I tried (comparible with the code on the github)
and I import the fbxloader like this

I tried it with other .fbx files, and these also don’t seem to work :frowning:

I found that importing inflate.min.js from works. Although the message importing that came up with other code of using the FBXLoader, it seems to work with the example I posted here.

If you upgrade three.js to the latest release and use the module version of FBXLoader (located in examples/jsm/loaders), you don’t have to worry about the loader’s dependencies. Libraries for unpacking archives are imported automatically.