Error in BufferGeometryUtils

Unfortunately, but the library crashes an error:
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘mergeBufferGeometries’ of undefined
The library loads correctly because it adds console.log (“lib load”) to this library and it appears in my logs.
Unfortunately, the use of:
THREE.BufferGeometryUtils.mergeBufferGeometries (Geometry, true);
It shows the above-mentioned error.

Do you mind demonstrating the error with a live example? You can modify the following fiddle which already uses mergeBufferGeometries():

I think I know where the error is.
Unfortunately, I will not show you this on an example because:
I use a lot of files to break down the code and there seems to be a bug in that.
BufferGeometryUtils is not declared a global variable.
I mean, from what I see in the code it is, but it doesn’t penetrate into the code in other files like the rest of the threejs library.

In addition, I noticed that:

       <script src = 'https: //'> </script>
        <script type = "module">
        import * as THREE from '';>
        <script type = "module">
        import {BufferGeometryUtils} from '';>

Causes a duplicate instance of the library.
I had to remove <to make it display.
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