Error during loading model Xbot.glb with react native

I’m trying to load model of xbot from three js source to react native please refer to snack for my code.

However error shows up during load and scene is empty, any ideas on this?
Thanks in advance.

Have you already tried using expo-asset? Check out this code snippet:

Thanks for reply,
So I’ve updated code like this

    const asset = Asset.fromModule(require('./assets/Xbot.glb'))
    await asset.downloadAsync();
    const loader = new GLTFLoader();

    loader.load(asset.localUri, function (gltf) {

But still no luck. You can refer to updated snack for code.
So I have 3D coordinates of captured body movements and just trying to pass to rigged model with three js. From brief research I’ve found this way if this doesn’t work maybe there is some other way. Maybe I can load rigged model and pass coordinates to OBJ model as well in three not sure about that one.

OBJ does not support animations.

Sorry, I’m not familiar with react-native or expo-three. Consider to ask your question directly at the respective GitHub repository.