Enhanced Reflector: problems using fading reflection

I’m having trouble implementing the enhanced THREE.Reflector (allowing for fading reflection) . I have the standard Reflector working, but when I tried to integrate the enhanced Reflector, JSFiddle - Code Playground it wouldn’t run without including: import { Reflector } from ‘three/examples/jsm/objects/Reflector’
Also I had to amend:
‘const groundMirror = new THREE.Reflector(’
‘const groundMirror = new Reflector(’
to avoid errors.
With this it simply uses the standard Reflector & ignores the custom Reflector. Any changes I made to the Shader were ignored.
If I do get it to run, do you know where to specify the stat & end of the reflection fade?

The modified version of Reflector does not work with the latest code base since it has to be a ES6 class. I’ve updated the code so it works with r137. Maybe you have more luck with this version: Edit fiddle - JSFiddle - Code Playground