Effect composer ,transparent & color accurate render possible with unreal bloom?

So i managed to get the color space to be srgb in both renderer and composer
here’s the fiddle https://jsfiddle.net/orion_prime/exfmp6nw/80/

now i managed to get unreal bloom running but the fiddle does not seem to be accepting the script files in the html

…so here’s the files
main.css (1.2 KB)
composerTest.js (7.0 KB)
composerTest.html (2.3 KB)

so the questions

  1. The bloom output seems a bit brighter than the original srgb colors . It was reported before in Unreal Bloom Scene Brightness Issue · Issue #14899 · mrdoob/three.js · GitHub but i would appreciate a layman’s explanation of how to execute this or any other color tone fix if available.

2)Color banding issue with gammaCorrection shader ,if gammaCorrection is not added ,bloom is smooth. any easy fix for this ?

3)All transparent renders come with black background when bloom stuff is enabled . Is Transparency possible here?