EdgeGemoetry() rendering edges between co-planar faces


I have a tricky problem that I need some help with.

I’m rendering a mesh that consists multiple council blocks joined together to create a geometry with orthogonal egdes (see the picture). I’d like to render the edges of this geometry to make it “pop” a bit more, so therefore I want to use

THREE.EdgesGeometry(geometry, angleThreshold));.

The problem I’m experiencing is that since angleThreshold is only a single value, all edges between faces with a larger normal angle difference gets rendered, and this makes edged beteen co-planar faces with popsite normal direction render. The reason why I have faces with opposing normal direction is that the mesh comes from a DracoCopmressed string that does not retain the order of the face vertecies and the direction of the normal in three is based on the order of the vertecis in a mesh face.

Anyway, my question is: Do you have any suggestions of how to get around this problem? It could either be by some clever way of alligning the normal direction all co-planar faces in a mesh or somehow trick the EdgesGeometry method into not rendering an edge when the difference of the normal directions are close to 180 degrees.