Dynamic resizing of an object with textures

I create a box packer - how many boxes will fit on a pallet.

The user can create his own box, different shapes and sizes.

I need to make a cardboard box - exact rendition, change its size.
This object is complex, because there are parts that do not change with the change of size: the thickness of the cardboard, the size of the seam, the tape on it, etc.

I found similar examples of implementation, but I don’t understand how to do it better?
[Packhelp - Editor](https://ex 1)

[https://www.arka.com/creations/EigadtGHmSH8iYcZg/5a2096f5bb75175b2edaa731/5a2096f5bb75175b2edaa726/250](https://ex 2)

First create a 3D object in a separate program, then load it and resize it?

Or is a set of rectangles created, textures loaded and work with a group of math shapes?

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