Du bist ein Speed-Hero!

Hello Threere, We did this game for our client Generali.de: https://www.generali-redrace.de/ It was our first project using three.js and weโ€™re proud of it :slight_smile:

Take care guys :slight_smile:


I love it ! Well done :clap:

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Thats great, really nice visuals. I did find that I hit invisible objects every now and then and I think a few of the trees collision box seems bigger than they should but overall really nice :+1:

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Yeah, to make computing collisions faster, we have used boxes as collision bodies. They barely fit sometimes, but framerate on low end devices is better. :wink: Glad you guys like it :blush:

Reminds me of the Tux Racer game on Linux.


That was my first association too :smiley:

@michalscreenstein Gut gemacht! :+1: :beers:

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At first, i wanted to achieve something like horizon chase turbo. But we had to simplify it a lot, so we ended up with game as it is. But we like it and learned a lot :blush::ok_hand::call_me_hand:

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