Driving GGK car with Three.js - suggestion for Three.js examples

Here goes the new page:


Here goes the old page:


Hope You like,
José Roberto Lazzareschi

PS1: I am inserting the helicopter page here:


It has an iframe showing the Steve position in the cockpit.
This page is more simple and was done before the car version.

PS2: The problem of relative module specifiers must start with “./”, “…/” or “/”,
made me change js references, creating all modules in the site, with “_res_res.js”.


This is pretty cool.

Thank You!

I think I saw Herobrine!

Yes… Minecraft is really a Masterpiece… Sorry not with Notch -
Markus Persson anymore!
PS.: Daniel_Rosenfeld, Minecraft songs creator… Special Human Being!
Please visit https://c418.org/

This is great! Only missing some intertia to keep the car rolling a bit when you stop pressing the button.

BTW there used to be a CarControls script on the three.js repo, did you see it?
It’s been removed but I think this is the latest version

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I tried to apply the code to my page, looking for old references in Three.js examples.
But could not find a way to do it.

Inserted the helicopter page:

Cleaned code, faster, some news!

Here goes the page: