Drawing a line to get distance for basic models:

I need to draw a line to get measurements and in my searching it seems a lot of the stuff people were doing is either out dated or doesn’t work as expected.

Does anyone have a good example for me to go off of? Or can point me in the right direction that isn’t going to lead to a waste of time?

Using the raycaster works for me.
Raycaster Measurements - Three.js Tutorials (sbcode.net)

I use the raycaster to help me decide two THREE.Vector3 that I can draw a line between and also measure.

THREE.Vector3 has a distanceTo function. See code example at top of official documentation.
Vector3 – three.js docs (threejs.org)


When I say draw I mean actually click on (and snap) to vertices of a model then another vertices and get that dimension.

But I’ll definitely look into this. Thank you