Draw a circle at a point with specific coordinates in three.js

This is an image of my project where I want when the user clicks on the selection button and after that every point that the mouse clicks on, a green circle is displayed on that clicked specifier.
a pic from my project: (https://i.stack.imgur.com/zKK55.png)
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So depending on where the user clicks, you just want to draw a circle on the surface of the 3D model, right?

If so, you can use simple ray casting. There are multiple official examples using this technique e.g. webgl_decals. In this specific demo, you can ignore the usage of the decal class and just focus on how the function checkIntersection() is implemented. As soon as you have the intersection point in world space, you add a mesh at the given location.


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You helped a lot.

Just one more question; How can I get the coordinates of the point where the method circle is created?

Do you mean the mouse/pointer 2D coordinates or the 3D coordinates on the mesh?

yes, i maen of 3d coordinates .

You can extract the point from the intersection object.

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