DragControls issue

I have a problem that when i use DragControls on an object like cubes or cylinders or spheres it works: i can drag these objects but when i use it on loaded objects with OBJLoader it doesnt work i cant drag them
ps : i’m using OrbitContols also and it works fine with Geometry objects but not with loaded objects

  1. Could you please share a live example / jsfiddle / codepen, showing how you use the DragControls?
  2. Just a general note - when you load a model (regardless of model format), it usually isn’t only a single mesh. Most models consist of a Group / parent mesh and several submeshes within it.

this is a github link to my project you can check it out, i’ll edit my post too.


I’ve answered you at stackoverflow.

thanks so much bro God bless you <3

if someone is wondering what the solution is, its Mugen87 solution, credits to him :
The problem is that the OBJ loader does not return an instance of THREE.Mesh but THREE.Group . You have to traverse through the group and add all meshes individually to the objects array. So :

object.traverse( function( o ) {

if ( o.isMesh ) objects.push( o );

} );

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