Downsampling pointclouds (the same voxel grid filter on PCL library)

Hi everyone,

I have a problem using ThreeJS to load the *.pcd map (it’s about 5GB). Browser is lag and can’t be manipulated on it.
I still don’t know how to apply downsampling points on threejs.
Could anyone help me.

Thanks for all support!

There is no existing algorithm for downsampling point clouds in three.js. I suggest you google the topic and implement one of the established approaches (for example by using a voxel grid).

Ok. Thanks

Regarding implementing algorithms and approaches, It all depends on what you want to do with the result and what is the original pointcloud you will be working with. StatisticalOutlierRemoval and ‘passthorough’ are kind of simple to implement. Voxel seems a good balance for retaining key features, but even poisson sampling could be a good one, it al depends on your specific scenario.

Also note that if loading that amount of data is critical for your use case, maybe you should consider Entwine and Greyhound for organizing and streaming your data collection from the server as it could be more efficient than downsampling in the first place.

If you share your progress maybe I can help. Good luck!