Double fading out caused jerking

I was about to stop an action in fading out and call fadeout() on the same action. I have noticed some jerking when I make the change. What I was doing is like:


// before the action is fully faded out, I did:


// I noticed jerking.

do you see any way to avoid jerking?

BTW, I have found that fadeOut() seems always start the weight from 1. Is it supposed to start from whatever the current effective weight is?

If you fadeout an action without another action already there… you may be fading out to the bind pose which is often a tpose… is the twitch mostly in the arms? Maybe try using crossFadeTo instead of fadeout/in

Crossfading works perfectly fine if you are trying to switch (or blend) between multiple actions. And as far as I know you need to set the weight factor (0 ~1) for each action to make sure the crossfading works smoothly.
There is an example from three: three.js examples

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