Dollhouse from equirectangular real estate images

As the no.1 real estate virtual tour SaaS company in Germany, with over than 2000+ subscribing companies (and 8000+ users), we are always improving our user’s experience.

So we are always looking for proficient freelancers and specialists in the VR/AR to work with us (remote or on-site in cologne).

Currently we are working on building a dollhouse-3d-representation from the panoramic images. Competitors have build something similar to this:

The steps to build a “dollhouse” like the one above are:

  1. Extract floorplans and room-geometry from 360° panoramic images (equirectangular)
  2. Build a 3D “dollhouse” model of the real estate from the floorplans/room-geometries
  3. Project the panoramic images onto the 3D model (shader)

We have successfully built prototypes for every of the above step and specified further development. However we need input from a specialist for edge-cases and, as we all know, there is a long way between prototype and production-ready…

So if you are a Three.js/Angular/NestJS developer, interested in this project (and potential further VR/AR feature development), please contact me via PM or - I’ll gladly send more insights and specs

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Hi @milan.ogulo,

Have relevant expertise, will be glad to work for you.

Email send please check.


Hi @milan.ogulo,

Have relevant expertise, will be glad to work for you.

please ping on skype:devprakashduve

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