Display all individual components in 3d model as images in a side panel

I wanted to present a 3d model’s individual meshes as images in a side panel as shown in the picture below from 3D Builder. Essentially showing the user what the model is composed of visually rather than simply displaying their names which is cumbersome to read if there are too many components.

I came across the following where I can convert the canvas into a png image, but that takes a picture of the entire model. Convert 3d model in threejs scene to png image

I have access to all the groups and meshes of the model, so I was wondering if there is a better way to display the images for them?

You can make all meshes except one invisible and render only that mesh. Also, you can create render targets and render individual meshes on them and then turn them into an image.

Is this a Mesh with several Groups?
Or a Group made of serverl Meshes?