Directional Shadow not continously obscured by mesh

I can not understand why my shadow is not behaving like expected. Increasing the shadow camera frustom does not change anything of the behavior.

Best explained by examples:

I am simulating sun position, and it is definately related to the sun being low when it happens. However, I fail to see the reason and I am not aware of any known issues where light angle will cause this.

Thank you for taking a look and considering my question.


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three-csm may be what you’re looking for in terms of sun-enlightened scenes.

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Wow, thanks, that is a great lead! Really appreciate it!

That is due to light clipping out of the light area, increase the light size to avoid or use csm instead.

Following up on that this was entirely my mistake. I thought I had the shadow caemra big enough, and I did. It was in the end when I altered the positon of the light the shadow camera near came closer than the nearest obscura.