DirectGeometry doesn't copy boundingBox and boundingSphere

I’m calling new DirectGeometry().fromGeometry( foo ), where foo is a normal Geometry with computed boundingBox/boundingSphere, but the new DirectGeometry has boundingBox/boundingSphere set to null instead of a clone/copy of the values from foo.
I know the docs say boundingBox/boundingSphere have to be explicitly computed, but since I’ve already done that with foo, and I’m not changing the geometry or anything, DirectGeometry could just copy those values.

Is that intentional? If so, why?

I’m not sure if it’s intentional or not, but can you just compute the boundingSphere afterwards instead? No need to do it twice.

Oh sure, that’s definitly possible. Even if I had to compute it twice, it’s not like it’s a huge performance killer or so :slight_smile:
I was just curious because it took me a while till I found the reason why my boundingSphere got deleted everytime I switched from Geometry to BufferedGeometry.