Difference between orthoCam zooming: Scaling Plane vs Zoom Property?


I want to zoom with an Orthographic Camera (set as isometric). Now I can zoom with resizing the plane of the camera (top/bottom/left/right), but also with the zoom property.

I’d like to chose one of both, but I wonder; what are pros and cons? Is there even a difference between the two, or will ‘underwater’ everything be sizing the plane? Are there any limits to one option over the other? (I’m talking zooming only, the aspect ratio I’ll do via the plane anyway)

Since zooming with an orthographic camera does not work with dollying, the only way is to modify its projection matrix. To me, it does not matter whether you do this via zoom or by modifying left, right, top and bottom. Both approaches have the same affect.

For simplicity reasons though I would use zoom.

Alright thanks!