Developer for Multi-Modal Slicer and Mesh Editor

I have run out of hours in the day to implement new features in two single-page-apps hosted on

Kiri:Moto — a multi-modal slicer for FDM, CNC, Laser (8 years in development)
Mesh:Tool — a simplified mesh repair and editing tool (new project)

Do you have a maniacal need to optimize code for speed and memory efficiency? Are you interested in learning (or maybe already know) distributed JS in web workers augmented by WASM? Are you fluent in threejs? Able to roll shaders and custom geometries? If so, I could use your help.

No knowledge of existing frameworks or libraries other than threejs needed. It’s all core JS, front to back.

Work is wherever you are. Hours and rate depend on how much you bring to the table. If interested in learning more, please DM here or Discord stewart#5961

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