Detect object collision

Good day everyone.

I have a scene of a lot of meshes (not bufferGeometry). I want to create a hovering effect on the background individual meshes when I pick a mesh on mouse click-drag over em.
I don’t have in-depth knowledge of raycasting.

Help me :slight_smile:

Could you provide a simplified livecode working example, that contains the setup you have?
And put more description (with explanatory pictures, if possible), of what you want to achieve.

sorry, i cannot share the code here. And I don’t have a simplifies LiveCode as well.

Can you just imagine a scene:
1: 10 square plane mesh put randomly on the ground
2: we look from the top.
3. I have implemented the code to pick the object and put it anywhere on the ground.

the problem or what I need is:
when I pick one square and drag it to another place, if its hover over any other background square, those square should highlight

You could use box3 to give the planes a bounding box (give them a small depth first) then update their bounding boxes each frame to their objects.

Then find if the dragged object is intersecting with any…then do a snap or whatever to the coordinates.

sorry, I didn’t get you. Can you elaborate?