dat.GUI, auto control (.listener) does not transfer to morph target

Markup like <script src="test.js"></script> in a jsfiddle won’t work. The browser is unable to find this file on the server. Maybe it’s better to copy the content of test.js directly into the JavaScript section of jsfiddle.

I have only used this as an example and have not assumed that it runs on fiddle. The script test.js will not run because others are still related. A simple function in which the variable 'var wert = 0.5; Is includet should be enough to produce the same. I try to collect something similar that I can show on fiddle.


Next try :wink: https://jsfiddle.net/19m1zrej/5/

Wow, it works !!! You are a genius. Now I just have to create it with this value

Example.dom.updateHeadline("\n" +
"Mund offen: " + (yawnFactor * 1).toFixed(2));

Many many thanks

Yes, with the ‘value yawnFactor’ instead of ‘0.5’ now moves the slider from the dat.GUI analogous to my mouth movements as expected, super. But now the mouth of the character no longer moves.

Now everything runs, again many heartfelt thanks.

You’re welcome :blush:

LOL, i think that was one of the most active threads in the entire history of this forum :rofl: