CTM Loader is gone from THREE repo

Hi Guys.
I need to integrate CTM loader. I found all examples which use ctm loader that used to be a part of three.js repo. Now I see it is gone. Any reason for that? Is the existing js version of openctm GitHub - jcmellado/js-openctm: Port of OpenCTM to JavaScript
compatible with the current releases of three?

The loader’s implementation was quite complex (compared to other loaders) which made it hard to include it in the repository’s code modernization process. When CTMLoader was originally added, it was a good option for asset delivery. But with glTF there is now a more modern and established solution around. Considering that CTM was only sporadically used, it was appropriate to remove the loader from the repository.

I would say yes, although you need to write the actual loader on app level.

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Thank you for the clarification.

I had same issue too for an old demo I am porting to three.js and which used CTM for assets (which I never heard before).
I decided to downgrade to a previous version of three.js (r93) which embedded CTMLoader before it was removed,

This is a sort of hack which is fine for now, but will have to revert to latest version of THREE at some point…
Don’t know if I’ll take the lib apart or maybe convert assets if possible…
I’m listening to suggestions if there is an easier way