Creating a CubeMap for offscreenCanvas

Hi all,

I’m working on moving a complex scene from canvas to offscreencanvas. So far I’ve managed to load my GLB file and the images I need for my texture maps in a web worker and I’m seeing the rendered result on screen. So far so good. What isn’t working though, is my cube reflection map. I preload all the assets for my scene in advance, so I don’t use the CubeTextureLoader. Instead, I’ve loaded all the image files using the THREE.ImageBitmapLoader().

This is my code, and I see no errors in my console, but I don’t see any reflections in my 3D scene:

let envImgs = [];
for (let i = 0; i < envCubeMaps.length; i++) {
  // these are of type ImageBitmap:
envMap = new THREE.CubeTexture(envImgs);
envMap.needsUpdate = true;

Thanks for any help!