Could someone tell me how to do this masterpiece?

I’m stunned with this homepage. Could someone tell me what I need to know to do this beautiful homepage?

P/s: I’m new with ThreeJS. I have experience with basic knowledge and did a couple of demos with geometry, free form deformation.

Looks like a few layers of effects. Looks like there might be a bloom post process, another digital grain type pass, and then an underlying particle morphing simulation shader. Possibly sprite based, since there are some glowy sprite sheets.
Really nice production. You can use the network tab in the chrome debugger to look at the types of assets it loads to get an idea of how they are achieving the effects:

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So I think all the scene has been edited with Blender or some animation apps already and exported into glb files. Then they load them into threejs scene, handle the camera, scroll down to morphing the scene,…
Am I right?

It’s a bit more complex than that. They are loading 3d models as target positions for the particle simulations. It’s not just an animation exported from blender. It’s a sequence/timeline of operations triggered by the vertical scroll.