Copying A THREE.Group

I have a main group with all my objects contained. I would like to copy this group with references to it’s positions and rotations. I would copy this group to other objects. I’m having trouble with whats contained in the original group, as things move, doing the same in the other groups.

So basically what happens in one group, should happen in all groups.

Is there absolutely no difference in these groups except the root object of them moving differenty?

example. I create an orginal group. has ball1 and ball2. I copy the group twice( group1, group2 ). I move ball 1. i don’t see the ball move in group1 or group2.

You need to copy the transformation of these objects to each other, but it would be good to show a screencap or something to get a better understanding of what you want to archive.

I’m away from my computer atm… but if I move the ball/sphere in the original the other groups aren’t updated… also if I add another object to the original group the copied groups don’t seem to update what is reflected in the original.

I think you’re talking about some xref/component/reference/DAG feature. Three doesn’t have that but it can be implemented relatively easy.

Can you elaborate more? Currently every frame I remove the copy groups… re-copy the original group and then re-add the group. This was fine until there were a lot of objects.

I may have figured a way to do this without the performance impact i was experiencing, using …

newGroup = {};
jquery.extend(newGroup, originalGroup);