Copy/Clone a Curve

Curve and its descendants seem to lack the usual copy and clone functions, is there a reason for that?
Also: How difficult would it be to implement those?

There is no particular reason for this. I guess there was never a feature request for copying/cloning curve objects.

The implementation should be fairly easy…i think.

Excellent, thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Is this still in development? Curves: Prepare serialization #11599

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I’ve closed the PR because it was not merged within several month. If you are interested in this feature, then please post a comment at github.

I personally think that enabling serialization and providing copy() and clone() methods makes the curve entities more consistent to the rest of the library.

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Curve and all entities in the extras/curves directory now have .copy() and .clone() methods. Yay! :tada::blush:


That’s awesome! :grinning: