Cooking Space Kebab with flamethrower demo [mobile compatible]

Hey guys, as some of you may know this, I’ve been working on my ThreeJS based game engine ROYGBIV for a while and have been doing small demos form time to time. So this demo is all about cooking space kebabs with a flamethrower, because why not.

Here it is:

Have fun!



My favourite hobby. I like the controls for tablet :+1:


Haha! Thank you!

I’m confused, what kind of hand is it that there’s a stream coming out of it?.. it doesn’t very much look like a hand.

I tried walking around for a bit, but every room looks very similar. I’m curious how you did that. Looks pretty cool.

There’s no hands there, just a weapon, flames and some smoke :slight_smile: It’s visually cheap though so I understand your confusion :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s an infinite amount of rooms in the demo, in the engine there are 3D areas, you can map your coordinates from one to another using affine transformation formula. That’s how I create the “infinite amount of rooms” effect.


LOL, awesome stuff!

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