.computeLineDistances() with BufferGeometry

Hello, I am trying to use BufferGeometry with ShaderMaterial because I want to add custom line types to my lines. Previously I was using Geometry and it was working perfectly find due to Geometry computelinedistance() capability. However, since I am not updating my geometry after the initial draw I found it to be much more efficient to use BufferGeometry but at last I have ran into this trade off. Is there any way I can get past this?
I have tried implementing my own computelinedistance into the threejs library for BufferGeometry because I know my positions are in order and do not repeat or have indices, but still does not work. I also may be able to provide the line distances before drawing. Any suggestions?

I know this topic has been briefly explained here: https://github.com/mrdoob/three.js/issues/7013 by the great WestLangley himself, but that was awhile ago and no progress has seem to be made. Please help.

I think it’s a good idea if you post your comment at the linked issue. It is still a valid and useful feature request. It just needs some new attention :wink:

You are right, it is still open!

I see this ticket is already close but with the dynamic line code it is not working i am not getting a dashedline

.computeLineDistances() is a method of THREE.Line() (also LineLoop and LineSegments)

@prisoner849 yes it is working fine now thanks